Soulful, Bluesy "Eclectric" Rock- Jim Marcotte brings elements of multiple musical genres to delight your mind.  
   After a lifetime of music since the tender age of 12, Jim has played an array of venues with several different bands and on his own in the 1980's and 1990's in the Southern California area.  
    Jim moved from L.A. to Seattle in 2010 where he has found a whole new world of musical experiences, venues and artists to play with.  Currently Jim and collective of musicians "Jim Marcotte & The Breakthrough" play shows around Seattle periodically performing both Jim's originals and select covers.
   Along with his extensive and diverse original songs, Jim plays a multitude of covers ranging from classic and current rock, pop, soul and blues artists. Currently Jim is a favorite on the Brewery and Winery circuit playing venues in the greater Puget Sound 




An ace musician and songwriter, Marcotte can summon the genius of E.L.O., Dylan, The Stray Cats and other distinctive groups - while sounding completely like himself - and his new album 'Own It' will be eagerly obliged by many, we are certain.”

— The Akedemia



Block 41, 115 Bell St., Seattle, Wa

Seattle Urban Wineries is a small non profit association of urban wineries and tasting rooms in the downtown Seattle area. We are 22 members strong and growing! Our most important public event, POUR Seattle, is approaching on June 22ND 2019. We will have two stages, one on each level of our beautiful Belletown venue, Block 41. Our third annual event seeks to raise the bar and value to our guests through live entertainment; a first for us!